Baba Shuddhaanandaa Interfaith Retreat
Baba leads a group in
Meditation at Interfaith Retreat

informally called “Baba”, is a pioneer sustainable development leader in West Bengal, India.  The former economist-turned-monk is also a visionary, universal spiritual teacher who translates eternal teachings and principles into today’s language to meet the needs of today’s world.  Speaking with the penetrating wisdom of the heart and profound awareness of his audience, Baba meets people where they are.  His always luminous intelligence and freely flowing delight inspire one and all.

Retreat at Carmelite Center,
Darien, Il Fall 2006


In his service work with the poorest of the poor as well as in his books and teaching around the world, Baba seeks to share the transforming power of unconditional love and to address the root causes of all forms of poverty.  “I want to do my small part to rekindle awareness of the infinitely beautiful, inherently divine possibilities in every human heart and in life itself.  Life is harmonious; life is sublime at its essence.  It is a gift to be celebrated.  Human society has lost sight of that.  We have forgotten how much we are loved, how much love we have to give, and the immense resources that are available to us.  We have to find our way back to that together.” 

Baba talks to a participant after speaking
at the Buddhist Library in Naperville, Il

“It is the mind that is the ultimate root of all slavery. Whoever we are, wherever we live, whatever our personal status, wealth or achievement are, as long as our mind is conditioned, we are enslaved. And being enslaved, we hold the emotional space, the blueprint, the possibility for slavery to amplify and deepen its life, its manifestations, both in ourselves and in the world. Ending slavery, therefore, requires an inner focus as well as an outer one, one that we can begin to address through the miracle of our own breath.”


Baba Shuddhaanandaa Interfaith Retreat
Baba and Maa Krishnapriya with priest on
Interfaith Retreat in Santa Fe, NM

"Nothing in human life changes without the movement and transformational influence of spirit.  A true culture of the spirit will always be an interfaith spirit. We must flow toward the ocean of the One unifying spirit, where all religions mingle in love, harmony, peace and spiritual co-existence.  In the oneness of spirit, a true Hindu has to be by spirit a devout Christian, a devout Buddhist, a devout Muslim.  In the oneness of spirit, we all belong to all religions of the world."

"It is not by fighting terrorists that we stop terrorism.  It is by creating deeper human regard, by creating more powerful and healing energy in our everyday interactions that we heal society and the atmosphere in which we all live and breathe.  Then those who are rooted in darker forces will naturally grow toward a gradual transformation from within." 

"If more of us joined hands and hearts and heads in prayer more often, across the boundaries of our faith traditions, calling for divine intervention to transform humanity and move our world toward peace and harmony, it would be utterly irresistible to God.” 


Baba speaks at the Buddhist
Library in Spring 2007

“Baba, you are a grace to all of us. Your words of peace and joy radiate and speak to our very souls. Your sincere and genuine self are proof of your holiness.”

“What an inspiration you are. Thank you for sharing, teaching and creating an opportunity for peace for all of us. Life is a celebration!”

“This life of hide and seek becomes less intimidating and actually fun with you.”

“Your peaceful presence has touched and moved me more than words can tell.”

“You planted a seed that will turn into big, strong trees, not only one, but many. These trees will continue to grow and spread more seeds. These many big strong trees will spew oxygen to breathe peace and provide shade for those who need it. God bless you and your work.”

“I have learned so much over this short period of time. I have experienced vibrations in deeper and more meaningful ways than ever before in my life. I feel connected to universal energy and wisdom that I did not know was available to me. I must, and I will make this all an expanding focus of my daily life.”



Baba Shuddhaanandaa

Parliament of World Religions 1993

Parliament of World Religions 2004

Hari Om Temple, Medinah, Il

St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Naperville, Illinois, USA

St Patrick’s Chapel, Naperville, Illinois USA

Carmelite Center, Darien, Illinois USA

Buddhist Library, Naperville, Illinois USA

Remscheid Catholic Church, Remscheid Germany

Unity Center of Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek, California, USA

Unity Center of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Interfaith Retreat at Silver Springs, Portland, Oregon

Sacred Waters Retreat House in South Bend, In, USA

Wilberforce 2007 Lectures, Hull, UK





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