Baba Shuddhaanandaa reaches out to everyone, even  in the town square in New Mexico
Baba delights in visiting the children at the street schools supported by LDLM. The children are always delighted to gift him with their art work!

Your mind is the instrument with which you are working, whether to uplift yourself or to lower yourself.

Never allow your mind to droop. To fall in your self esteem is to fall into the abyss.  It snowballs.  Lift you mind with your own mind.   
If you are searching and seeking for a true friend who would be by your side when you are in danger, a friend who will understand your true need, then know your mind which listens to you.  

Know your mind which is disciplined through yoga, meditation, prayer and spiritual practice.

Know that which allows your mind to be anchored in the Divine. That kind of mind is your true friend. That kind of mind sustains you through the turbulence and vagaries of life. It doesn’t allow you droop downward because you are suddenly faced with a dire situation.

Who are you going to trust if you cannot trust your own mind? If you can’t trust your own self, who are you going to trust?

The spiritual journey is always centered around your own mind, your own self, your own being.

Lift your mind with your own mind.  Uplift yourself by yourself.  Free yourself. 

Unfetter and unchain yourself.  It is the mind which is in bondage.  It is the mind which can unfetter and free itself. 

Lift yourself up.  Lift to the higher realms of the spirit within you. 

Your true beauty is the harmony of your mind-body-spirit and the vibration of your inner happiness.

The more you affirm the goodness and beauty of who you truly are, the more you start glowing, the more you grow in consciousnesses. 

Become a patient and loving parent to your own mind.   The essential practice is this: to patiently and firmly turn the mind away from all illusion of negativity toward home, toward what is eternally real and ultimately true in the spirit.

Your one true friend is your mind that is ever rooted in the potentials and realities of your oneness with the Divine.


Baba Shuddhaanandaa holds early morning Satsangs  (spiritual talks) wherever he visits
Baba holds early morning Satsangs
(spiritual talks) wherever he visits


In the oneness of spirit, a true Hindu has to be by spirit a devout Christian, a devout Buddhist, a devout Muslim.  In the oneness of spirit, we all belong to all religions of the world.  Any true religion will always take us toward oneness.

Collective prayer and meditation offer immense potential for global transformation.  They trigger and focus the higher powers and energies of our collective consciousness to become a mighty force, one that is irresistible to God.

Who knows what might happen if more of us joined hands and hearts and heads in group prayer more often, across the boundaries of our faith traditions, to ask for Divine intervention in transforming the human condition and moving our world toward peace and harmony? 


The flower is happy to be a flower.  It gives inspiration and joy without knowing it gives.  But the flower suffers from no ego, so the possibility of becoming a Buddha is not there.

Ego is not to be feared, judged or rejected.  Simply witness it.  Acknowledge it.  Let it humble you. 

Ego is the beginning of your sacred journey. You move with ego and you gradually realize that it veils the face of God. 

There is no distance between you and God other than your fear and worries, which are creations of the ego.  As you practice self giving, surrender and consecrating all actions to the Divine Doer, true flowering happens. 

The material flower, however beautiful, dies and withers away. The Flowering of Buddha, of pure consciousness in the heart of the seeker, never dies. 

Time has no function in the eternally flowering consciousness.  We all are born to be that Flower!

We have our glasses are in our pocket, yet we are searching for them all over the world.   We have the peace of the world in our Being, yet we look for peace in illusory, external objects. This is the play of hide and seek between the Divine Mother and Her numberless children at all the levels of life.

Ego remains as long as the ember of illumined consciousness does not light the fire of Wisdom that burns all desires, including its birth place, the ego.

I have never inspired you.  It is only your inner readiness to be inspired, it is your karma attracting the inspiration to move into the reality of your Pure Mind.


Self help is essential to preserving dignity and strengthening the capacity of the poor.

Charity, in traditional forms, traps the receiver by creating dependency.  It diminishes the receiver’s sense of capacity to improve his or her own life.

Traditional charity involves a gift from one with more to one who has less, a relationship that inevitably diminishes the self-worth of the receiver.

With the dignity and creative power of the soul obscured by dependence, the poor will remain forever poor.

The only way to address the root cause of poverty is holistic education.

Our services address the systemic sources of poverty while providing the foundation and means for the poor to lift their own lives. 

Our goal is to stimulate the awareness in those we serve of the gifts they already have, along with the experience of creating wealth, inner and outer, through their own efforts.


Copyright © 2008 Lokenath Divine Life Fellowship
Copyright © 2008 Lokenath Divine Life Fellowship

Baba Shuddhaanandaa teaches everyone to enjoy each moment as he did in a Kalamzoo MI boat outing
Baba Teaches that the simplest things in life bring us the greatest Joy!

Simply to be alive and to breathe are inherently joyful.

If only we could feel the glory of the gifts that come to us all the time, in the simplest things of life. 

Life becomes a celebration when our feeling hearts are open to the wonder and beauty of life’s simplest gifts.   

To breathe, to see, to hear, to feel, to touch, to smell, to dance in joy, to see the colors in the sky are all miracles. 

All of the beauty in life that we are seeking is in the present. 


Self love is the seed of universal love.  When we love ourselves, we give loving attention to our own body. 

Our body is the greatest gift of our life.  Yet how much time do we spend appreciating our body?  Our body is a baby, crying for our attention.

When we love ourselves, we love our body. We breathe expansively, we exercise, we stretch, we eat healthy food and drink.  Then the body gives its love, its joy, its health back to us.

When we love ourselves, we give loving, patient attention to our mind.  We watch our mind non-judgmentally.

Meditating upon our breath, the mind spontaneously finds its source.  It rests in the calm, tranquil realm of the Spirit!  Our infinite potential as human Beings begins to manifest, unobstructed.  

We are all connected to the source of Cosmic Energy that is ever flowing within and without.


Baba Shuddhaanandaa always takes time to teach a  willing student how to breathe properly
Baba always takes time to teach a
willing student how to breathe properly


Our breath is our connection to all that is, to the source of life.

Breathe consciously.  Breathe peace.  Breathe joy.  

Breathe the pure intelligence, the infinite energy that pervades and orders the universe, into every cell of your body.


The sublime vibrations of all those who have been living a holy life, a life dedicated to Divinity, are always around us.  All of that grace surrounds us.  It permeates every atom of the Universe and is always available to each of us.

Grace is always working on a very subtle plane.  We may not  be conscious of it, but it is always working. 

Every time we have an intuitive glimpse, every time we have a subtler feeling, every time we are drawn toward something good, toward something higher in life, that is grace working.
Every time we have a flowering of mercy or goodness; every time good comes to us from some unknown, unseen source; every time such things happen in our life, it is, again and again, Divine grace. 


Compassion is the fragrance of the Spirit. 

What is needed is a culture of compassion. 

Our selfless acts of love, however small, are manifestations of the infinite Spirit and its love for humankind.  They are the rekindling Spirit in motion, flowing forward with vast powers of proliferation, with fathomless powers to awaken and to heal. 
The more we focus on any situation with a positive, compassionate attitude, the brighter the light of our inner temple becomes. 
The more anyone attacks us with negativity, the greater our opportunity to grow in awareness and compassion. 
Compassion is a Divine energy, an energy of the soul.  Whenever you are compassionate to another, you are first and foremost being generous and charitable to yourself.

Compassion brings its most powerful blessings to the heart in which it is born. 

The sweet energies of compassion wash your heart; they fill your mind, renewing and intensifying the life of your spirit. Then compassion creates its flow, pouring those energies out to the other person.


If we are sincere as we progress in the life of our spirit, the magnitude of the pain and human suffering that goes on in our world exerts a pull on us.

Is there any happiness superior to that of bending our knees and serving those who are in pain?

Our compassion has to be active.  We are part of the whole.  What wealth, what light and joy and well-being that we garner in life, we are meant to share. 

What the world needs today is not more teachers, not more masters, but more humble servants of the Divine and of humanity.


Stress management is the doorway to Self Management, which is the key to unlocking the infinite treasure of the Self.




You are a child of the
One, Indivisible Divine.

You are the child
of Immortality.

You and Reality are One.
You are indivisible
from all that is. 


All you need is a simple, feeling heart that can dance with life. 

Feel and see and love the Divine spark, the Divine vibration in everything that surrounds you.  Simple, simple, simple…all is Divine.


The greatest fulfillment of life is to freely flow with love.

When we no longer judge those who give us pain, the past blossoms into gratitude, prayer and love for all beings. We are no longer limited by our narrow and selfish, conditioned mind. 

We uplift ourselves with the eyes of awareness, with the eyes of non-judgmental compassion and equanimity.


The real challenge is not to drive out the darkness but to light the Light. Darkness cannot be chased away. 

We can only ignite the Light in our inner being. The light is our conscious awareness of the being I AM.

Our names are all different, but the common cord between us is I AM. That is the Light.

The spiritual practice is to step back from all the obstacles of the physical plane and retreat into I AM.  Watching from there, as if through the window, be non judgmental.  Let go.

To withdraw into I AM consciousness is to light the lamp where there was darkness.


I can teach you any bit of wisdom, but until you chew and digest, assimilate and metabolize it for yourself, it will never manifest as light and love in you.  Until then, it is all blah, blah, blah. 

I am not saying anything that is not being spoken about, written about every day, all over the world.  It is up to you.  You need to make what you hear the blood of your body, so it can dance with joy through your life.


Who in this world has not made a mistake? Mistakes show us the need for improvement. As long as the individualized mind exists, you and I will make mistakes.  We will learn from them and move to the next step.  Eventually, all steps disappear in the silence of Divine Love and surrender.

Individualized mind is in illusion. Mistakes are the fruits of illusion. Universal Mind never sees right or wrong. It just flows.







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