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Baba Shuddhaanandaa

Baba travels extensively in his mission to spread his message of Love, peace and acceptance. Check the schedule regularly for events near you or contact us if you would like Baba to speak for your group or organization.




14th March to 23rd March   Calcutta (Satsangs)
24th March 27th March          Mumbai (Corporate Regeneration Stress Management Program)
28th March to 3rd April          Calcutta  (Satsangs)
4th April to 17th April  Retreat in the Himalayan Ashram of Baba
17th  April to 22nd April      Calcutta
23th April to 29th   April       Mumbai
30th April  to 2nd May UK
2nd May to 5th May Germany
5th May to 6th May Boston, MA
7th, May to 11th May          Chicago, IL
12th May to 16th May         South Bend, IN
18th May to 21st May Portland, OR
22nd May to 25th May          Houston, TX

For details on Baba's schedule, please contact:

Sue Berg
(708) 220-8822

Ann Shannon

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