Child Literacy India

100 Ananda Schools in the Sundarbans delta educate over 3,200 children.

Literacy and value based education that instills the joy of learning in preschool children.

Yoga, pranayama, meditation, arts to channel children’s energy and creativity.

Faculty support and book bank grants to government high schools.

Coaching centers for drop-outs.

Two mobile health vans providing preventative and curative homeopathic treatment; referrals as needed to government hospitals and physicians

Project Vision: free eye clinics with referral for cataract microsurgery and eye care as needed.  Approximately 300 surgeries annually

Dental Clinic and Awareness Project:  free dental check, treatment and awareness.

Health awareness and special topic training, including HIV /AIDS awareness programs

Training in organic and eco-friendly agricultural methods to preserve fragile soils.

Democratically administered microcredit SHGs end reliance on moneylenders.

Ongoing education, in association with educational institutions, on latest eco-friendly and organic agricultural production and animal husbandry methods.

We extensively educate and motivate households to acquire, use and maintain sanitary latrines.  The education ensures that the systems installed are actually used rather than converted into storerooms.  600 have been installed with villager’s personal resources. We create the hunger, the awareness, so sanitary practices will spread naturally throughout the community. 



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Women Empowerment Microcredit Self Help Groups

Over 1300 women’s SHG groups have served 14,000 rural women.

Approximately 700 SHGs that have “graduated” to function independently of LDLM management continue to serve as forces for change in their communities.

Group members make small mandatory monthly contributions to strengthen the saving habit and create a corpus which is used to extend soft loans to members, thereby eliminating exploitation by usurious moneylenders. 

Group members are educated in use of the banking system, assume collective responsibility for repayment of bank loans.

Banks extend larger loans to the SHG group; all loan decisions are made by consensus of the group through a completely democratic process.

100% bank loan recovery rate.

Growing in the difference they can make in their own and one another’s lives, group members naturally evolve individually and collectively in leadership. They address important issues arising in their community, and take strong collective stands in breaking down outmoded and harmful taboos and practices.

Nurseries are established with plantings from the Sunderbans forestry department.


LDLM collaborates with the Central Board for Workers Education, the Ministry of Labour & Employment; and Field Publicity Department, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, to create awareness of labor laws, and available government programs.  It arranges and conducts special topic seminars and workshops to stop child labor and women trafficking in the villages being served.


Baba Shuddhaanandaa

Born in 1949 in Calcutta, Baba Shuddhaanandaa was deeply affected by the kindness and joy he encountered in the impoverished men, women and children he met on Calcutta’s streets. At 26, he left a promising academic career in economics to become a monk and serve the fullest possible expression of the dignity and divinity in every human life.




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